quarta-feira, 29 de abril de 2020

The hidden solution

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We are all inspired by others and our energy vibrates in different ways... Some days we are extremely happy, other days we are feeling depressed. There are thousands of reasons why this happens, sometimes the people that surround us, the bad events happening that lead to a bad reaction, the negativity or positivity in our mind. And I am a believer that we can change our days and life by changing our thoughts. 

The problem, very often, is that we focus on the negative aspects. For example, we woke up, take a shower, brush our teeth, get ready... Once we get outside we leave our comfort zone, and if something happens (that is different from what we thought) we tend to react negatively. The train is late we get mad, we split our coffee we get mad, the meeting that we were waiting for is canceled, the promotion that was supposed to happen was postponed. We should learn to react to the events in a better way. Because: how many times something less good happened and something greater came after? A lot of times... 

I remember I was living in a country that I loved, everything was what I wanted, except the part that I couldn't find someone to love and be loved. I was always thinking about that, but I couldn't find the person that would give me love unconditionally. Until one day I decided to move back to my country. After a couple of weeks of looking for a job I had this interview in an amazing Hotel that I loved and it was my second interview. In the meantime, one of my friends told me to work in a nightclub in Portugal for the Summer - as a promoter. I was thinking that this would be the last option. Going to the south of my country for something that was not a real job, working in a nightclub, being up late, wasting a full day to sleep. So I proceed with my interview for the Hotel but a few days after I did not get any answer from the General Manager and I had to give an answer to my friend. But that worked out well not because I went to work with my friend but because in a group of workers I met my actual boyfriend. We are together now for almost 5 years, we share the same goals, passion, and we are truly in love with each other and trying to grow things together. 

So sometimes the option that looks the worst is the best option. Whenever I think I need this in my life, I always like to think that I need this result, not this specific thing. Because sometimes we don't need this specific job... We need the feeling that we think this job is going to give us, or the money we expect the job is offering. 

I hope you have a great day and if something isn't happening in the way you expected don't get negative about it and expect something greater to come! 

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