domingo, 7 de setembro de 2014

My Bday

Hi sweeties, 

Hope you had an amazing weekend! 

My week(end) was about my bday. As you know I'm living in Dubai, so being far away of home it's always different, specially in special dates like this one. I should say that I was planing to do nothing except going out for drinks with friends, or maybe clubbing. Because I was changing my stuffs to another house, and you know how hard it's to pack/unpack! 

But, as always we are surprised by life and everything change in a second. On Tuesday I went out for a birthday party, all day at the beach, with music, drinks, jetski... Well a different bday which I loved. For any videos about it you can check my instagram (@nmalvess), even if you're here in Dubai and want a weekend at this beautiful and peacefull place, the location is on my videos/pictures. 

The sunset here it's something...

So that night I also went to GQ Bar and I found one person there, and it was about luck, because he loses his phone and of course my number. Anyway, Dubai is a really small place... Trust me! Wednesday we met and start planning everything. After 1000 ideas we made a party in the Palm, then we went out for VIP Room. 

This amazing cake was from CheeseCake Factory! Super delicious!! 

Also we have been in Toro Toro, Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resort (at the bar, which it's on the rooftop), Barasti Beach, I'm sharing with you guys a little bit of the places I've been and probably you can take a look and enjoy your days in Dubai. This two birthday parties have different concepts of course, but I advice you to try both. 

15K earrings

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