quarta-feira, 29 de abril de 2015


Hey hey,

Uma das manias que tenho e não consigo evitar é guardar caixas - perfumes, sapatos, maquilhagem... Não sei bem o porquê. Apenas gosto de guardar, para depois colocar algumas coisas lá dentro, ou porque são giras. O problema é quando tenho de mudar de casa, ou de País e tenho de as deixar para trás por não haver mais espaço na mala!!

I'm always saving these boxes. Why? I don't know! *weirdoooo* So moving back to my country (Dubai-Portugal) will give me a big headache!! Wish me luck, because I need it.. Big time! 

domingo, 26 de abril de 2015

Personal growth

Hey hey,

I'm connected with so many things that I can't see or touch. But I'm sure that things will be visible in so many kind of aspects in my life. My blog has a fashion side (most of the time I do it on Facebook or Instagram) but lifestyle and our vision in the world is something that I really care about and also like to Post about it. For me there's nothing more important than look around, try to find who I am, what I can improve, what I want for me, and so...

Since very young I started reading articles about personal growth, spiritual journey and the ''secret'' of our life. I believe everything in life have a purpose. The most motivated we are, more closer we get.

Imagine you as Marketing Company! 

If you have something to sell you need to know the product very well. So imagine you are a product in this life, but a different one. One very special human being that have feelings, that have skills in life, beliefs, and so much more. If you know what you are (and this is something that you will always learn, and change during this life process) you know where you want to go. If you are ''selling'' your skills to someone you need to believe in them. Do you think a company have a best-seller if they don't know how to describe what they have to sell? When you have an interview for a job you need to present you as someone that will be essential for the company, even if you don't have that degree maybe you will be the piece that they need. Go for what you love, not for what you think it's going to make money. If you're doing what you love, you just will earn more and more. Because your passion about it will bring so many good profits, that you will feel you're just doing what you love, and the compensation will come.

Make your own objectives

So many times in our life we lose our focus. We want to be successful, we want to have money, we want a Ferrari, or no! A Rolls Royce. No, no! I just want a Mercedes... Maybe I want a closet full of clothes. I want three kids. Or no! Maybe with this economy I will not make it happen. I want to live outside of my country. Or maybe North of my country it's what I need. I'm lost. I don't know where to go. STOP IT! Focus on what you want. You can't tell the universe you want something that you don't even know if you want it. Please don't be negative, be positive, just ask for what you want, don't complicate even more the process. Make everything clear. If your dream is to have a family, husband, kids, a big mansion in LA, 4 cars, or whatever, just write it down. Think about it everyday, improve, don't forget that every step you will do in life have a purpose. You will make it happen. Just don't lose the focus. I have so many examples of successful people... Look at Manny Khoshbin. He started from the bottom, he started selling dry fruits door to door. Yes, he was selling door to door. Then he opened a business that was forced to shut down. Do you think we just was born rich, with all that easy life? No! He made a plan, he started his Real Estate business and now he's having an amazing life, he's the owner of beautiful cars, P1, Bugattis, Rolls Royce, beautiful Mansion, amazing and beautiful wife, a child. Take a look at this video.

Be an entrepreneur

Will take time as well. But there's nothing better that have your own business. Not because I created mine, I'm not talking about personal experience, I will have mine, I know where I want to go and I need this step in my life. I think also that you guys can think the problem about your age, your financial situation, the economy. You can be 50, 21, 30... Doesn't matter. A business it's not about your age. It's about your responsibility, about your courage, about your spirit to lead! You have so many books, so many articles that you can take some inspiration to open your business. I'm sure you have a passion, and everything can start from that. If you need time to take a step, take that time, but don't waste days without doing anything. What about this famous girls on youtube? There's another example that I would like to talk. Kéfera 5inco Minutos. That girls is huge at the moment. And she started videos without any fancy things around, without a professional around. Now? Now she's doing her own business, she's being an actress (as she wanted), she's selling so many tickets for her shows, all over Brazil. Did she started rich, perfect, with all the help that she needed? No... Did she knew that after all she would be that famous and successful? No, but she started... with something that she loves to do. And no, she didn't spend thousands of dollars to open a business, but she made it! Vamo que vamo!! 

Honestly i have so many things to write about it, but I don't want to make massive posts about it. Also I'm going to buy a new book The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. I heard it's a good book.

I really hope you guys make this personal growth, the step to make changes in our life. When we think positive we open loads of doors, with so many amazing things. I met one person during Dubai that makes me think that I don't want to be like that person. I used to be like that, never taking risks, always choosing the comfort zone, not speaking my mind, accepting everything that I couldn't hold anymore, being negative. That person was a lesson for what I don't want to be. And I hope everyone will make up their mind to be positive. Embrace the future.

quinta-feira, 23 de abril de 2015

Cavalli Club, Restaurant and Lounge

Hey hey, 

Yesterday was another girls night out but this time we went to Cavalli Club Dubai. In my opinion it's one of the best places to go out for dinner in town. And of course I went with the crazy Rebecca, from Manchester. Yes! Takes a while to understand that deep accent... After 1 year listening all of the British people, I'M READY! I'm ready to understand you guys... Well, most of the time. (I must publish some of her amazing, hilarious, crazy stories... Or maybe record, because she's out of her mind, she's funny, anyway and I will think about it, because it's pure entertain! She's really funny)  Dubai is a very small place and one of the girls, Rebecca's friend was Portuguese as well *clap clap* How much I love to meet Portuguese people when I'm far away. 

Cecilia, Rebecca, Caitlin, Nicole 

All the cutlery is gold, the table clothes with zebra prints, very good service, Swarovski in their beautiful chandeliers, zebra elevator with a huge sofa inside, amazing food and the music during dinner till closing it's a must! On Wednesday they have Hip Hop and RnB music which it's one of my fav nights there... usually its crowded. 

As an Italian restaurant and fine dining I can't say anything except positive comments about the food. The beef carpaccio was the starter that I decided to have, and it was so delicious, for me only Cavalli and Roberto's (DIFC) are the ones that know how to make it in the right way!; as main I chose salmon, like the only thing I ask is salmon, I have this kind of problem eating and repeating always the same food/drinks or whatever. If I'm going to a restaurant and I like it... Uff... that place got me at all. I will go there plenty times until I get sick of it. If I like salmon I'm gonna eat salmon until I get sick of it. Same happen before with so many kinds os food, drinks, places, so and so... And yes, I ate dessert, not all of it, because I was exploding (literally) so I got the amazing chocolate, kind of melted. OMG! I can eat thousands of chocolate of course, but this one!... If I knew how to cook it at home I would be watching movies, blogging and all the things while eating this amazing chocolate. If you're in dubai, please go there, even if it's only for the chocolate, or carpaccio, or salmon if you're crazy about salmon... Like me! 

Amuse Bouche (And yes, I forgot to take a picture of my amazing Carpaccio)

awwww, Salmon!! With Asparagus

The famous chocolate. 

After dinner we moved for a club table, they have different kind of tables, it depends if you want a VIP one, or a standard one. It's always up to you (and your wallet!). The music was amazing, it was crowed and the Vodka that they have it's only Roberto Cavalli Vodka. The best, for the best. So waste  your time (it's not a waste) and  if you're interested about going out in a luxury place you know... Fairmont Hotel, Cavalli Club is there. On the back side! Open 7 days a week. 

Uff! It was a long post... 

quarta-feira, 15 de abril de 2015

Sass Cafe

Hey hey,

My last days off I just enjoyed with friends, only girls night. 

On Monday I went to Dubai Mall to eat on CheeseCake Factory (How much I love the food there!), and then I went for a girl's dinner at Sass Cafe.

We decided to take beef carpaccio and burrata as starters, then chicken, pasta and sea bass as main course. And as desserts we had cheesecake w/ ice cream (!!!) and an amazing Crème brûlée. Sass Cafe in Dubai it's such a beautiful place, they have dinner tables inside-outside. The night starts with live music and after 11:30/12 they change it and a Dj start playing.  On Mondays there's always a lot of people going there. It's a really beautiful place, surrounded by beautiful people, well dressed. Honestly I love DIFC, most of the time I'm going for dinner and/or drinks in Roberto's, Sass, Zuma and Wheeler's (for drinks this one).

Also on Monday I got my Mac. *clap clap* I was waiting for the delivery for a week almost!! I'm still trying to adapt myself (yes, because my relationship with Mac is not the best, but I really like the fact that it's a slim computer so I can take it with me easily plus the graphics are very good and it's super fast to search on this one).