sábado, 10 de setembro de 2016

Dubai touch


So I have some new pictures about my last days in Dubai. The very first one it was on the plane, during my 8 hours flight! I was just in the middle corridor and I was watching a movie, which is ''Me before you'', suddenly I looked into the window, on my left and I was thinking ''I really need a picture of that! The sunset literally in the sky its so beautiful that I can't even express.'' Of course, my picture it's not so professional, it was with my iphone, and I just wanted to be fast because people was looking at me like ''weirdoooo''! It was a good memory anyway. Even running like stupid in the plane to catch a good moment.

The next picture it's just me taking some sun under 50 degrees. Seriously, it's not even 40 something here, but the humidity it's crazy. I can't be in the sun more than 10 minutes, I'm always going to the pool to refresh a little bit. At the beach the water it's so hot, and trust me, to say that it's hot, its because it's really hot. Literally like a bath! This is a place called Habtoor Grand Beach and Resort Hotel. They have two pools, one on the top (this one in the picture) and the other one is just 3 floors down, bigger, but also with more people. 

This last picture it's from a coffee/ restaurant called Bentley. Yes, just like the real Bentley brand, because actually it's the same. They just have a car inside and all the tables just next to it almost. They have this amazing iced coffee that I can drink 10 times a day! And of course some calories, that I really love. It was a almond muffin. Really delicious also. 

I hope I can update my blog as much as I want and show you around. There's amazing places here, just trying to update you guys. It's also not really easy to go around, visit everything and post, but I'm trying! I want to show whats going on here.

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