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It's all about inspiration

The second interview it's about one person that really inspires me. We met in Dubai, about 2 years ago, and I just remembered that she could be the perfect person to be here, on the blog. I hope you enjoy the interview as much as I did. 

For the people that doesn’t know you, you’re such an inspiration… From where do you bring all the positivity that you have? 
Experience. I believe that our life experiences are based on our mindsets. The quote "change your mind, change your life" comes to mind. I was in a space where my mindset was stuck in the past, filled with worry self-doubt, stress, and so many other things. The moment I began being more positive the better my life became. The more I extended love the more I received, and the better I felt internally. Don't get me wrong, I still feel all the other range of emotions just like any other human being, but I've learned to process them differently. Also my spirituality has become the forefront of my life and with it has come even more joy. Meditation and reiki have had a huge influence as well, between the mixture of these things couples with daily acts of self-love positivity has just become natural to me. 

You’ve have been working a long time in a different job… Usually at night places. Actually we met there, in Dubai.  Could you explain what have you done to become a reiki healer? What moved you to do that? 
It happened very organically. I've always had a caring nature and I knew I wanted to do somethings with my life that I was truly passionate about. I didn't want to just have a job. I desired purpose. For so long I had been living my life based on fear, doubt and my own self-limitations and I was beginning to wake out of that way of existing. It wasn't working for me anymore. I simply began making choices that were more in alignment with how I felt without the need for approval or explanation. As I started to live that way life became more fluid and steps would reveal themselves in their own time. One day I saw an old friend who invited me to a local reiki circle here in Miami led my Melissa Aluna Solano. Reiki was something that had come up for me multiple times in the past and I had recently decided It was something I wanted to pursue. I took that invite as a sign that it was the right choice. I attended the reiki circle and had a beautiful heart felt experience; I went to Melissa afterwards and asked her if she would be my guide. Within a week I had my first attunement and began the process of self-healing. That was over a year ago. Since then I have 2 reiki certifications and I am currently pursing my Mastery. I am the resident Reiki practitioner for "Love Life Wellness Center" one of the top centers in the city of Miami, I work in collaboration with multiple organizations providing reiki service for events throughout South Florida, and I have incredible clients who remind me every day just how blessed I am to do what I love. 

You do reiki sessions, in Miami, right? What’s is that sessions about? What can you change in people’s life? 
We all have 7 main chakra systems that govern our bodies on the physical, mental, and emotional levels; think of your chakras as batteries and when they are fully charged we are vibrant healthy beings, and when they are depleted or low we loose our vibrancy, and sickness can begin to take place. Reiki is the transference of Universal Life Force energy and is like putting your body on charge, restoring vitality while also promoting other wonderful benefits such as: stress and fatigue relief, detoxification, physical relief of chronic pain as well as the ability to unlock suppressed feelings while promoting a peaceful and more positive outlook just to name a few! Everyone's experience is different as Reiki energy responds to what is needed by the individual. I love using a pendulum to read the chakras and my clients enjoy it too so I always make sure to have it! 

Knowing you, makes me believe that you have interesting stories about some sessions, some inspiring stories. There’s any story that you can share with us? 
For me, anytime I have a client that has chosen to take a deeper look into themselves with a readiness to heal is always inspiring. We have been taught to cover up our true feelings, we pretend we don't care about the things that actually hurt us convincing ourselves that they don't matter, we bury those feelings, leaving them unresolved and unhealed. But they don't go away, they sit and create imbalances until we face them and that's not always easy. I myself found the process incredibly challenging and at times I still do, but I do the work and extend compassion to myself through the process and I encourage my clients to do the same. One client in particular, Jamie Bendola, a cancer survivor and founder of non-profit The Anti Cancer Collective has made a radical overhaul of her life since starting Reiki with me and it's been amazing to witness. Her story is truly inspiring and she shares it more in detail on my website www.thesoulfulscoop.com . 

What is your law for living? 
Theres anything that you believe so much, that always became true? Follow your heart. Life is too short to settle for a life that doesn't bring you fulfillment. I did both ends of the spectrum and I'll tell you that following my heart has given me the biggest challenges, hard learned lessons, and my own taste of "failure" & has been the best decision I have ever made . By following my heart, listening to my intuition, and abandoning the need for approval I've gained a new perspective of life and a sense of purpose. Whatever it is that's in your heart to do was put there for a reason, honor that. I believe that we are blessed with the ability to create beautiful lives for ourselves and my life's unfoldment has been proof of that. 

What’s your plans for now? 
I recently launched my Conscious Lifestyle Brand "THE SOULFUL SCOOP" it's geared towards highlighting individuals who are redefining the meaning of success by following their true passions, and covers topics on self-love, wellness, spirituality, etc. I've gotten such a wonderful response from it already so I'm nurturing and building the brand. I'm also in collaboration with "Bosses TV" and will begin hosting my own CrowdCast Webinar covering topics similar to THE SOULFUL SCOOP. The first segment covers Feng Shui! These two projects along with focusing on my Mastery are my main focal points currently.

 For the people that may feel a little bit lost, do you have anything to say to them?
Well as someone who experienced those same feelings for so long I can gently remind you that you're so much more than what you realize. No matter where you are in life know that you have the power within you to create a better reality of you believe. Have courage and be compassionate with yourself; by showing yourself compassion the way you would a friend you can begin to have a better relationship with yourself which is the foundation of everything in your life. Where people can find you to have an appointment with you? You can schedule sessions with me at www.thesoulfulscoop.com!

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She's over 80k followers on Instagram and she's making a lot of success because everyone is divided by ''real and fake''. Actually, everyone (must of) knows that she's only a creation from some artist. But what we actually think is that maybe could be someone behind the fiction. Maybe it's a model that is represented by some artist, just because all the details, all the perfection, looks almost real! But what I know is that this piece of art is also a great marketing strategy! 

What do you think about it?

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Giulia Salemi

During Venice Film Festival everyone had their attention. Beautiful models, people, and dresses! Specially Giulia Salemi with her sassy dressy! Well, maybe she was revealing a little bit too much, but she have an amazing body, and thats the point, it's her body. I think we all should stop being mean and care about our lives instead of criticize everyone. Anyway, Giulia it's not even worried about others comments, and her post on Instagram about it it's simply that she was there to help a designer that is her friend and also she says that it's her life and nobody has nothing to do it. 

Go Giulia, you are stunning!

Dubai touch


So I have some new pictures about my last days in Dubai. The very first one it was on the plane, during my 8 hours flight! I was just in the middle corridor and I was watching a movie, which is ''Me before you'', suddenly I looked into the window, on my left and I was thinking ''I really need a picture of that! The sunset literally in the sky its so beautiful that I can't even express.'' Of course, my picture it's not so professional, it was with my iphone, and I just wanted to be fast because people was looking at me like ''weirdoooo''! It was a good memory anyway. Even running like stupid in the plane to catch a good moment.

The next picture it's just me taking some sun under 50 degrees. Seriously, it's not even 40 something here, but the humidity it's crazy. I can't be in the sun more than 10 minutes, I'm always going to the pool to refresh a little bit. At the beach the water it's so hot, and trust me, to say that it's hot, its because it's really hot. Literally like a bath! This is a place called Habtoor Grand Beach and Resort Hotel. They have two pools, one on the top (this one in the picture) and the other one is just 3 floors down, bigger, but also with more people. 

This last picture it's from a coffee/ restaurant called Bentley. Yes, just like the real Bentley brand, because actually it's the same. They just have a car inside and all the tables just next to it almost. They have this amazing iced coffee that I can drink 10 times a day! And of course some calories, that I really love. It was a almond muffin. Really delicious also. 

I hope I can update my blog as much as I want and show you around. There's amazing places here, just trying to update you guys. It's also not really easy to go around, visit everything and post, but I'm trying! I want to show whats going on here.

Red is the new black

Red is the new black



Smooth by nmalvess featuring a leather top

Leather top, 52 AED / High waisted trousers, 1,110 AED / Strap shoes, 145 AED / Betsey Johnson tan handbag, 185 AED