quinta-feira, 30 de outubro de 2014


Hey hey,

My last days have been working and I couldnt come here to update the blog. Today I'm bringing some pictures, the first one it's from one restaurant in DIFC - called Roberto's. The cuisine there is italian and the food... excellent, plus the service, which it's always good. I tried the carpaccio and carpaccio pizza for the starters (actually I shared, so I tried both) then I choosed Raviolli and to finish we was surprised by amazing desserts, fruit, apple pie and tiramisu. 

The other day I was going to DIFC again to see the art around there. A lot of people, different new places with DJ's outside, professional painters drawing the walls, random people painting some art (I tried as well)...It was a good ambience there. 

And to end up yesterday I went to the salon to make my nails and hair. I choosed to let them pretty basic so I can choose a new color everytime I want. Usually if I choose a different shape or colors I get bored easily that's why this time I decided to let them like this. 

Hope you have an amazing weekend, it's almost starting.