quinta-feira, 23 de abril de 2015

Cavalli Club, Restaurant and Lounge

Hey hey, 

Yesterday was another girls night out but this time we went to Cavalli Club Dubai. In my opinion it's one of the best places to go out for dinner in town. And of course I went with the crazy Rebecca, from Manchester. Yes! Takes a while to understand that deep accent... After 1 year listening all of the British people, I'M READY! I'm ready to understand you guys... Well, most of the time. (I must publish some of her amazing, hilarious, crazy stories... Or maybe record, because she's out of her mind, she's funny, anyway and I will think about it, because it's pure entertain! She's really funny)  Dubai is a very small place and one of the girls, Rebecca's friend was Portuguese as well *clap clap* How much I love to meet Portuguese people when I'm far away. 

Cecilia, Rebecca, Caitlin, Nicole 

All the cutlery is gold, the table clothes with zebra prints, very good service, Swarovski in their beautiful chandeliers, zebra elevator with a huge sofa inside, amazing food and the music during dinner till closing it's a must! On Wednesday they have Hip Hop and RnB music which it's one of my fav nights there... usually its crowded. 

As an Italian restaurant and fine dining I can't say anything except positive comments about the food. The beef carpaccio was the starter that I decided to have, and it was so delicious, for me only Cavalli and Roberto's (DIFC) are the ones that know how to make it in the right way!; as main I chose salmon, like the only thing I ask is salmon, I have this kind of problem eating and repeating always the same food/drinks or whatever. If I'm going to a restaurant and I like it... Uff... that place got me at all. I will go there plenty times until I get sick of it. If I like salmon I'm gonna eat salmon until I get sick of it. Same happen before with so many kinds os food, drinks, places, so and so... And yes, I ate dessert, not all of it, because I was exploding (literally) so I got the amazing chocolate, kind of melted. OMG! I can eat thousands of chocolate of course, but this one!... If I knew how to cook it at home I would be watching movies, blogging and all the things while eating this amazing chocolate. If you're in dubai, please go there, even if it's only for the chocolate, or carpaccio, or salmon if you're crazy about salmon... Like me! 

Amuse Bouche (And yes, I forgot to take a picture of my amazing Carpaccio)

awwww, Salmon!! With Asparagus

The famous chocolate. 

After dinner we moved for a club table, they have different kind of tables, it depends if you want a VIP one, or a standard one. It's always up to you (and your wallet!). The music was amazing, it was crowed and the Vodka that they have it's only Roberto Cavalli Vodka. The best, for the best. So waste  your time (it's not a waste) and  if you're interested about going out in a luxury place you know... Fairmont Hotel, Cavalli Club is there. On the back side! Open 7 days a week. 

Uff! It was a long post... 

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